Dear Music Family,

On July 31, 2019, PledgeMusic officially entered into bankruptcy due to mis-management of funds, and will not be paying artists the monies raised in recent campaigns. This includes me, and the funds generously raised for ‘Modern Appalachia.’

I’m doing my best to not let this overshadow the fact that this 12-song album is the closest to my heart yet, and includes heroes Bill Frisell and Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) as guests among others!

My team and I are working to keep this album on a schedule of early 2020 release. We’ve outlined three ways you can help: 

1. PRE-ORDER the album
2. DONATE to rebuild the album fund (button below)
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All of this can be done here on my website, no middleman. Anything and everything you, my dear music family, can do to help is appreciated more than you know!! Visit the link in my bio to get involved.



Sarah will be officially showcasing at this year’s AMERICANAFEST!

Check SHOWS page for showcase details.


Tickets are now on sale for Sarah’s string of dates with Lee Ann Womack in October!


Two of the hottest acts in Americana music release new albums this Friday, April 5. The Infamous Stringdusters will release “Rise Sun”, in which Sarah co-wrote the title track with Travis Book and “Planets” with Travis Book and Chris Pandolfi.

Listen to RISE SUN


Guitar goddess Molly Tuttle releases full-length album “When You’re Ready” on Compass Records. She and Sarah wrote “Take The Journey” and “The High Road”.



Sarah embarks on her most vulnerable and auto-biographical album to date with “Modern Appalachia.” Joining her are Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) and Bill Frisell, as well as a hand-picked band of her favorite players.

Pledge Music is filing for bankruptcy and will not be giving Sarah the funds she raised for Modern Appalachia. How to help?


“Siskind has been compared to Bonnie Raitt and Brandi Carlile, but in my humble opinion, she’s incomparable”
— The Huffington Post

sarah siskind is one of today’s most

respected and covered songwriters as well as a stand-out independent artist, who Spin Magazine calls “an artist you must hear now”.  Armed with a striking vocal style and solid guitar and piano work, Sarah is a regular NPR performer with features on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts, World Cafe with David Dye, All Songs Considered, Song Of The Day and most recently NPR’s Mountain Stage.  She has toured with Bonnie Raitt, Paul Brady, Grammy winner Bon Iver (who also famously covered her “Lovin’s For Fools”) and The Swell Season and had songs recorded by Alison Krauss (the GRAMMY nominated “Simple Love”), Randy Travis, Madi Diaz and many more.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Sarah built her musical career in Nashville, TN.  Her 2009 release “Say it Louder” was crowned ‘Americana Album of the Year’ at the Nashville Music Awards.  In 2011, Sarah’s album “Novel” highlighted her as the sole musician, producer and engineer.  Bonnie Raitt had this to say about it: “With Novel, Sarah has created another extraordinary collection of some of the most beautiful and unique songs you’re likely to hear. She continues to be one of my favorite singers and songwriters. She absolutely knocks me out.”

Sarah returned East in 2012 and now resides in her home state of North Carolina.  The return to mountains and nature inspired her to write the boutique EP “In the Mountains”, whose title track was quickly picked up and covered by Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers.  Performing at SXSW in Austin, TX later that year, Time Magazine called Sarah “one of our favorite 5 voices” at SXSW.

In July 2013, Justin Vernon’s Chigliak Records re-released Sarah’s debut full-length album “Covered” which she recorded at age 22 but could not properly release due to illness.  The album is now available worldwide and highlights the guitar work of Bill Frisell.

Siskind’s songs are heavily featured on ABC’s hit TV show Nashville and she recently made her primetime television debut in the music special “Nashville: On the Record”, performing her song “A Life That’s Good” with the show’s cast.  Other television shows that have featured Sarah’s songs are MTV’s Teen Mom 2, MTV’s Awkward, ABC’s Pretty Little Liars, Lifetime’s Army Wives and HBO’s The Wire.

“She is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of artist in her delivery, honesty and songwriting.”
— No Depression
“Sarah Siskind is one of very few songwriters that is a true student of American music.
Her lexicon is incredible and her voice…well, she’s a teacher.”
— Justin Vernon (Bon Iver)
“If Joni Mitchell had grown up in the South, she’d sound something like Sarah Siskind.”
— - Listen!Nashville
“...prodigiously talented with elegant, deeply felt songs”
— Paste Magazine




STOCKING // Sarah Siskind


FACE THE SUN // Sarah Siskind, Ruston Kelly, Ian Fitchuk

SANCTUARY // Sarah Siskind, Jill Andrews, Gary Nicholson

IN LOVE // Sarah Siskind

TOO FAR FROM YOU // Sarah Siskind

CAN'T STOP A HEART // Sarah Siskind

SPEAK TO ME // Sarah Siskind, Tofer Brown & Lucy Schwartz

ANYWHERE FROM HERE // Sarah Siskind, Kate York & Sarah Buxton

SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE // Sarah Siskind & Wayne Kirkpatrick

YOUR LOVE KEEPS ME ALIVE // Sarah Siskind & Kate York

HOLD YOU IN MY ARMS // Sarah Siskind

MY SONG // Sarah Siskind & Femke Weidema


ROOTS AND WINGS // Sarah Siskind & Kylie Sackley

CARRY ON  //  Sarah Siskind & Julie Lee  

BREATHE IN  // Sarah Siskind, Andrew Combs & Allen Salmon

THE NIGHT IS STILL YOUNG  //  Sarah Siskind & Kate York

IT ALL SLOWS DOWN  //  Sarah Siskind & Karyn Rochelle

LATELY  //  Sarah Siskind, Ashley Monroe & Sally Barris

A LIFE THAT'S GOOD  //  Sarah Siskind and Ashley Monroe  

SUN TO SHADOW  //  Sarah Siskind & Tia Sillers

THE END OF THE DAY  //  Sarah Siskind &Madi Diaz  

Show: STATION 19 (ABC)
Song: BARELY HANGIN' ON // Sarah Siskind, Kris Orlowski & Joshua Silverberg

Song: UNRAVEL // Sarah Siskind, Mindy Smith & Peter Groenwald

Show: TEEN MOM 2 (MTV)
Song: SET IN STONE  //  Sarah Siskind & Ari Hest

SET IN STONE // Sarah Siskind & Ari Hest

DIAMOND  //  Sarah Siskind & Brendan Benson


Song: HEAVY HEART  //  Sarah Siskind & Kyle Ryan Hurlburt

Song: GOODBYE IS ALL WE HAVE  //  Sarah Siskind

Song: NATURALLY  //  Sarah Siskind




Song: SIMPLE LOVE written by Sarah Siskind 
Artist/Album: Alison Krauss - One Hundred Miles or More DVD and CD 

Song: GOODBYE IS ALL WE HAVE written by Sarah Siskind
Artist/Album: Alison Krauss and Union Station - Lonely Runs Both Ways 

Song: * TIL I'M DEAD AND GONE written by Sarah Siskind, Shawn Camp and John Scott Sherrill
Artist/Album:  Randy Travis - Around the Bend

Songs: * GRAVITY and MAXWELL written by Sarah Siskind & Travis Book
Recorded  by The Infamous Stringdusters - Laws of Gravity 

Song: KEEPS ME ALIVE  written by Sarah Siskind
Artist/Album: Wynonna & The Big Noise  

Song: SET IN STONE written by Sarah Siskind & Ari Hest
Artist/Album: Frank Solivan & The Dirty Kitchen

Song: RISE SUN written by Sarah Siskind & Travis Book
Artist/Album: The Infamous Stringdusters - Rise Sun

PLANETS written by Sarah Siskind, Travis Book & Chris Pandolfi
Artist/Album: The Infamous Stringdusters

TAKE THE JOURNEY written by Sarah Siskind & Molly Tuttle
Artist/Album: Molly Tuttle/When You’re Ready

THE HIGH ROAD written by Sarah Siskind & Molly Tuttle
Artist/Album: Molly Tuttle/When You’re Ready

OUT IN THE OPEN written by Sarah Siskind & Graham Sharp & Michael Guggino
Artist/Album: The Steep Canyon Rangers - Out in the Open

FARMERS AND PHARAOHS written by Sarah Siskind & Graham Sharp 
Artist/Album: The Steep Canyon Rangers - Out in the Open

WHEN SHE WAS MINE written by Sarah Siskind & Graham Sharp & Michael Guggino
Artist/Album: The Steep Canyon Rangers - Out in the Open 

HEAVY ON MY MIND written by Sarah Siskind & Alyssa Bonagura
Artist/Album: Alyssa Bonagura - Road Less Traveled

SOMEONE TO READ TO written by Sarah Siskind
Artist/Album: Jennifer Kimball - Avocet  

PINE TREE written by Sarah Siskind
Artist/Album: Della Mae - This World Oft Can Be

KITE written by Sarah Siskind
Artist/Album: Missy Raines - New Frontier

DOIN' TIME written by Sarah Siskind and Al Anderson
Artist/Album: Claire Lynch - Dear Sister

EVERYBODY KNOWS I'VE BEEN CRYIN' written by Sarah Siskind
Artist/Album: Claire Lynch - Dear Sister

COULDN'T HAVE HER, LAST SO LONG and SET IN STONE written by Sarah Siskind and Ari Hest
Artist/Album: Ari Hest - The Fire Plays

BUY MY LOVE written by Sarah Siskind and Maia Sharp
Artist/Album: Maia Sharp - Change the Ending

RISING written by Sarah Siskind, Maia Sharp and  Pamela Rose
Artist/Album: Maia Sharp - Change the Ending

ON AND ON written by Sarah Siskind
Artist/Album: Bill Evans and Joy Kills Sorrow - In Good Company

ROCKETS written by Sarah Siskind and Travis Book
Artist/Album: The Infamous Stringdusters - Silver Sky

HEAVY HEART written by Sarah Siskind and Kyle Ryan
Artist/Album: Madi Diaz - Plastic Moon 

HOLIDAY and LUCKY TO BE LOST written by Sarah Siskind and Gabe Dixon
Artist/Album: Gabe Dixon - One Spark

FLOOD and CIRCLES + LINES written by Lucas Reynolds and Sarah Siskind
Artist/Album: Lucas Reynolds - Maps

I'LL BE ALRIGHT and NOT TONIGHT written by Sarah Siskind and Travis Book
Artist/Album: The Infamous Stringdusters - Things That Fly

LOVIN YOU written by Sarah Siskind
Artist/Album: The Infamous Stringdusters - The Infamous Stringdusters

SOME PEOPLE written by Sarah Siskind
Artist/Album: April Verch - Steal the Blue

BRIDGE written by Sarah Siskind
Artist/Album: Recorded by Missy Werner - Drifting and Dreaming