What is a House Concert?
House Concerts are casual, intimate listening parties that provide an audience a unique chance to hear their favorite artists in an up-close and personal setting. House Concerts are the best way for music (and musicians) to survive, highlighting community and arts culture. By hosting, you are supporting the arts and keeping the folk traditions alive and thriving. It’s a wonderful alternative to a night spent in front of the TV!

How Do I Host a House Concert?
It's easy! Just invite 25 or more friends, family and neighbors to a concert at your home.
Gather chairs, patio furniture, or ask your guest to bring a camp chair with them. Arrange the seating in concert style. Refreshments can either be provided by the host or done pot-luck style. Due to the intimate nature, most house concerts are un-amplified, but Sarah sometimes travels with a small amplifier. No PA is required.

How Much Does It Cost?
*Please note: Sarah does require a guarantee for House Concerts.* Because house concerts are usually private and non-advertised, the host is responsible for filling the seats. Typically the host pays fee directly to Sarah and asks guests to pay an admission price to them of $15-$20 per person to cover the cost. Cash and checks are accepted. 

How long does Sarah play?
Sarah usually plays two 45 minute sets with a 15 minute intermission in between. Timing: Guests are usually asked to arrive by 7pm for light refreshments and the concert starts at 7:30pm. The evening is usually over by 9:30pm.

What makes Sarah's House Concerts different?
Sarah will also have her handmade jewelry for sale at house concerts! This added treat for guests adds an opportunity for them to not only support independent music, but also find unique gifts handmade by Sarah.

Additional Options: Sarah is also available to give a 60 minute Songwriter Workshop held prior to the concert for an additional fee. The Grammy-nominated songwriter has provided Songwriting Instruction at Swallow Hill Denver, Rockygrass Academy (Head Songwriting Instructor), Telluride Festival and more.  

Want Sarah in your living room?! Please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly about arranging your house concert!  
 If you are interested in hosting a House Concert for Sarah, please fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you.  Your information is private and will not be shared.  Thanks!

Songwriting Student Testimonials:


"Sarah's class was like a week-long, musical group hug. I returned home inspired and productive."

"Songwriting wit h Sarah Siskind  was like a 4 day straight roller coaster with never-ending loops and cork-screws of musical creativity, innovation, and loads of fun!"

"I'm a changed person.  The class was wonderful."
"Sarah's class helped me break out of a musical comfort zone to find some vision and creativity that I didn't really know I had.  I am able to see things that I did not see before and to take new ideas to a deeper level.  As part of that, I also am growing to appreciate the complexities of other people.
This is obviously reflected in my current writing.  But, it also directly affects my daily interactions with people.  I take a little extra time to watch for those special glimpses into people.  In other words...I'm writing more, I'm writing deeper, and I'm more inspired by the everyday world around me."

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