Sacred Birdy Earrings
  • Sacred Birdy Earrings
  • Sacred Birdy Earrings
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These always sell out at my festival dates! The perfectly lightweight earring that goes with everything. These delicate silver hoops are the size of a nickel and are the perfect perch for these sweet sacred birdies!

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A Note from Sarah about her jewelry:

As a lover of art and all things creative, I've always had a soft spot for earrings and jewelry.  I love design.  Every pair of earrings I own has a story and different combinations of color, shape and image can evoke in me emotions similar to when I hear a song that moves me.

Since I was a child, I've collected beads and always dreamed of making jewelry one day.  As some of you know, I've toured lots and lots over the last several years and along the way I've found myself at bead shops, vintage stores and local street fairs from Chicago to London to Dublin to LA to Boston.  You get the point...but immersing myself in visuals and design while on the road is always a cool break from music for my brain.

Every time I come home off the road, I nest.  My ritual as of late has been making jewelry out of the beads I've collected on tour.  The earrings you see here are not just pieces of me, but of my travels as a musician.  I'm thrilled to get to share these with you...