She is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of artist in her delivery, honesty and songwriting.
- No Depression 

"Sarah Siskind is one of very few songwriters that is a true student of American music.  
Her lexicon is incredible and her voice...well, she's a teacher."  
- Bon Iver 

"With Novel, Sarah has created another extraordinary collection of some of the most beautiful and unique songs you're likely to hear.  She continues to be one of my favorite singers and songwriters.  She absolutely knocks me out." - Bonnie Raitt 

"An artist you must hear now." - SPIN Magazine 

"One of our favorite singers storming SXSW this year." (2012) - TIME Magazine 

"Her strong but vulnerable voice, her impeccable phrasing and her gently masterful guitar work make her an underexposed treasure." - Stephen Thompson, NPR Music 

"...prodigiously talented with elegant, deeply felt songs" - Paste Magazine 

"Sarah is the best female Singer-Songwriter in America today!"
- Steve Binder, Legendary Producer/Director (Elvis Presley) 

"My favourite singer of the moment!" - Paul Brady 

"Sarah is a real artist with here own voice. [Novel] is a something to be proud of."
- Tim O'Brien 

"I love her songwriting and artistry." - Amy Grant 

"Sarah is The Mistress of Masterpiece and a badass guitar player." - "Big Al" Anderson (NRBQ) 

"If Joni Mitchell had grown up in the South, she'd sound something like Sarah Siskind."
- Vincent Wynne , Listen!Nashville 

"Utterly Captivating!" - Performing Songwriter 

"This woman is huge; she's a superstar." -