From the recording NOVEL

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drop me off on the side of the road
sometimes that’s what i want
then i could wander into a stranger’s garden
in someone else’s yard
i wouldn’t know where i was and would not care
it would take me somewhere

i was born in a polaroid
will lines around the edge
if you touch it with water the colors would run
leaving focus on the red
wild enough to shape a heart
so quiet it was strong
it made me someone

i’ll never know it all - i don’t get things for free
i just want to know how yellow and blue make green

i wanna see what the birds see
then i want to brace the ground
you could leave me til sunday and when you need to find me
i’ll be in some strangers yard
i won’t know where i am and i won’t care
it would take me somewhere - it would take me somewhere